About Me

I am an avid reader and writer and currently update and regularly blog on a little known website called http://www.thenovelreviewer.com

For a while I have been writing down countless stories. Short stories for children, short stories to terrify adults and long, winding epics that contain their own universes and languages.

I try to perform magical rituals everyday, transforming cups of coffee into readable prose. It can often end in disaster, and sometimes the writing is bad too but the attempt is what matters in the end!

At 23, having left University after studying English and picking up various jobs from cafe work to call centre operator, I aim to sustain my life in whatever means necessary so that I may still write for enjoyment and one day get published. Who knows? To fit stereotypes I am a big cat lover, I enjoy hiking and archery and my favourite authors are Dean Koontz, Lee Child, Carlos Ruiz Zafón and Stephen King.


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