Tales of a Trolley


It was a Saturday, somewhere around noon and he was being grabbed and pushed every which way, back and forth like crazy. It seemed to be this way every Saturday, much more than weekdays. He hated Saturdays, but loved the Sunday after. It was on that one day of the week he truly got to relax. Hang with his buddies and surf the isles at a leisurely pace. The life of a trolley may be a simple one but it was still full of enjoyment at every corner.

It was a Friday, the day before a dreaded Saturday shopping spree. It was early, the sun hadn’t risen properly and he was locked together with his brothers and sisters in a metal embrace. He was somewhere in the middle (his favourite spot!) and was all cozy for the next hour or so. Then, without warning as it always happened so suddenly, he felt a coin near his head, slot in and clunk. He felt the chain linking him to his brothers and sisters break free and he was made servant for the human. It was always like this and he didn’t complain any more. He got to see the show!

A pair of hairy hands grasped his holding rail and steered him in through the opening mouth of the grand supermarket. Marbled flooring gleaming, he loved the squeak of his excited wheels, swinging back and forth between cool isles and isles that were warmer.


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