Birthday Book Haul

I’m 24! Which means I’m still unbearably young and so should get on a write 50 best sellers before I croak it. Right? Well, the plan may be hindered by book hauls. You see, I like reading almost as much as I do writing. I’ve had to really put the books down to write the rest of my novel which has been extremely hard. For me and (check it out haha).


However, I will have to take a few days aside to read the two recent books I got from my Sister as they are damn good choices. For the few pages I skimmed and by the blurbs, I can’t wait to annihilate them. Both about 250 pages give or take so shouldn’t take more than a week or so for the both!

I’m still teasing at the idea of releasing information about the novel I am writing but am too paranoid as I haven’t the funds to self-publish! Maybe sometime in the future who knows….


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