A Listening Whisper – Short Story Teaser

Wow, so I found an old story I wrote for school when I was something like 14. (Had to open it in Open Office because my ruddy Microsoft has expired as usual). So I’ve realised I had started typing it up because the original is a printed copy in my attic. 

So here’s a snippet of what I have so far and I’ll get the rest posted as soon as possible! The writings crappy but it’s nice to see where you’ve come from in a decade. Which isn’t very far, wahey!!

The stretch of prairies from beneath my feet ran away from me until they lay upon the distant hillside. The night was a clammy cold. The darkness was a black veil grafted to my skin, like the silent death, as I strolled forward under the thick canopy that is the expansive green of Enchantment forest. Its inner spirit chilled me to the very marrow, the seductive crystals of ice winking from behind the mist.The mystery from within the glaze was drawing me in. Gently I lost the conscious thought that I was moving my own feet inexorably. My head became as foggy as the surroundings before me.

I felt fatigue drift over me, and my eyes became great weights. The forest around me started to swirl and my field of vision as strange and peculiar noises penetrated my very being into my delicate membrane and on into my brain within. I was dead, but alive. Asleep, but awake. Memories of past times and fantasies drifted from my slideshow vision. My consciousness was a great anchor, weighing and pulling me down into eternal slumber. Colours, shapes and all the unnatural things one would not think of clouded me, till I was no longer myself, and I was alone in the inky blackness of the world.


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