Finding Time to Write: SOLVED

Good afternoon bloggers of Europe and Africa. Good morning bloggers of Canada, US and South America. Good Evening bloggers of the Middle East, Eastern Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Everyone covered? No? Well sod it.

I’ve read quite a lost of posts regarding this topic. Let’s be honest with one another, reader, we’ve seen it everywhere. Twitter, FB, WordPress and on author sites.


How to inspire yourself to write!

Beating writers block!

Free flow writing and its benefits!


Ok, though I actually highly recommend the final point above, it’s the same re-worded content. I firmly believe, conclusively, that to really make the most of your time and write your story in good time (unlike a certain George R. R. Martin), you have to be obsessive and a tad loopy. Maybe a little but you need to have a bit of crazy about you.

For instance; going into a cafe by yourself just to sit near a group of people and eavesdrop on their conversation. Finish up and go home. Weird right? YES! Of course it is but think of the dialogue! Naturally flowing speech is not easy to craft and it holds back a lot of potentially awesome stories. Eavesdropping is immense. Do it. Do it a lot. (Within reason).

If you get an idea for your book, drop everything. Pull over on the side of the road, bring up a sly word doc whilst you’re at work, grab the free lottery pens at supermarkets and use the lottery ticket to scrawl down an idea. Use your phone. I have been trying this method this week and I’ve accumulated a thousand words or so in extra time. That’s not including the several thousand words minimum I write on a bad week.

I’ll cut it short here but I basically want to advocate the idea of writing your ideas down the moment inspiration hits you. Early start at work and the idea has hit you at 2am? Tough. You’ll just have to be tired. Jot it down, and pray the coffee machine at work is functioning at high capacity.



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