The thing about short stories

A man once said, “Writing is a struggle against silence.” That bloke was Carlos Fuentes and I have not a bloody clue who he was until I googled him but the saying still rings true. Like an Oxford church bell.

For a while, as mentioned in my previous post, I have been plagued by this silence and the time for noise is now. I have unearthed some short stories I wrote for fun when I was younger, so, I thought it a good idea to post them up for mine and your pleasure. Even so you can get a good laugh out of it nevertheless.

I think short stories are in some ways more difficult than writing novels. You have to condense things and contradicting my previous notion that can often make it the easiest aspect of short story writing. I also think it’s a good place to start if you truly want to write a novel or two.

So there it is, a public wordpress declaration to post more of my fictional literary ramblings, hooray!


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