Finishing my first novel…

It has been quite an unhealthy amount of time since my last blog on here. That needs to change, immediately and shall do so what with my current proactive behaviour with my first novel.

So I’ll start from the beginning, as is always best.

I’ve written over 21,000 words, character profiled, plotted, sub plotted, researched and set aside each fragment of info I’ll need to write my story. It’s effectively already done, and just needs writing out in full, for readability of course. I’ve been caught in the chaos of full time work; being only 23 a lot is changing and moving quickly, so resource for writing and applying my craft, in earnest, has been thin. No energy. But that’s just an excuse.

I’m back on the wagon, no such thing as a block, just write. It’s a great story, at least my consciousness is lead to believe, and it needs finishing. I should honour it. In time I will divulge parts of the plot in the most vague way possible as my wish is to get it published by big name companies at the very least. I’ll keep pushing for it though, and amount a pile of rejection letters until I reach success.

I’ll post back soon with something less enigmatic and vague and if you’ve popped in to read this and visit my blog for the first time, hello! I’m Jason, an avid reader who also reviews on and I work in admin and hike mountains in my spare time. Hopefully you hang around more and read some of the short stories I’ll be posting. (Check out Drippy).

Until then… 🙂


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