The First Post!

Hello wordpress!

I thought an introductory post is in order and a quick and easy way to dispel the pesky 404 error that keeps appearing. I have written 50/60 thousand words in a story that I’ve decided would be best presented as a series.

Each week I will post an entry into the series and each will be a few thousand words. Think of it like a TV show but of the literary kind. Each story will roll on immediately to the next with no gaps.

I wish for you to follow the character I have created, the journey they must undertake and not out of choice but out of necessity. I like the idea of having someone change for good or bad by forces out of their control. I also wanted to see how that character would react with others in similar or different situations.

The setting of the story is partially given away in the title and a short intro blurb will be posted soon with the first post in the series!

I hope all who stumble here enjoy the story and if people want more then I shall indeed keep on writing.

So let’s toast to words, to the Bard of Avon and WordPress blogging.
Thanks 🙂


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